Engineering Services


Boral Material Technologies has over 40 years experience in providing clients with Engineering Design and Construction Management services related to fly ash, FDG and bottom ash processing facilities. With Boral being an industry leader in fly ash marketing, all facilities are designed to maximize CCP sales. 

These facilities encompass a variety of applications that include: 

  • Fly Ash conversion Systems (Wet to Dry)
  • Fly Ash Load out Facilities
  • Fly Ash Mass Storage Facilities
  • Dry Fly Ash processing systems (Patented MACS Ash Production)

Engineering Services cover a wide range of applications that Boral provides to its utility clients. Some of these services include: 

  • Turnkey Design and Construction of Fly Ash Processing Facilities
  • Existing Fly Ash Handling System Operation Modifying to Promote CCP Sales
  • Site Specific Engineering Evaluation
  • Equipment/Parts Replacement
  • Site Infrastructure Improvement

Current projects for our Utility Clients:

  • Lansing, Michigan: 18K ton capacity flat storage facility.
  • Juliette, GA: Wet to Dry Conversion Project.
  • Rockdale, TX: 1000-ton capacity Silo.

Notable project completed for our Utility Clients: 

  • Walnut Cove, NC: Relocated 1000-ton capacity silo and the dry fly ash loadout facilities
  • Pueblo, CO and Brush, CO: Installed MACS ash production equipment
  • Juliette, GA: Installed a dry fly ash collection system, fly ash storage, and loadout facilities for (2) Coal fired units
  • Atlanta, GA: Converted an existing oil tank into a 20K ton mass storage facility
  • Walnut Cove, NC: Installed a 40K ton capacity fly ash mass storage dome

For more information on how Boral may be of service to your Engineering needs, please contact Engineering Services at the corporate office in San Antonio, Texas at (800) 964-0951