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Boral Roofing, Inspiring Great Plans

At Boral Roofing, we understand how important it is to find materials that make your inspiration a reality. To that end, we've developed the broadest range of tile colors, profiles, and finishes available - complemented by our new innovative Roof System Components - for an optimal tile roof installation. Ours is a product selection that balances enduring structural performance with authenticity, providing designers the essential tools to complement any architectural style.

Boral products are also the most environmentally friendly products on the market today. From Cradle to Cradle Gold certification for all of our domestically produced clay products, to the most vibrant and complete line of CRRC rated cool roof colors, Boral leads the industry in sustainable design, and provides a wide variety of LEED point opportunities most other sloped roofing products cannot match.

AIA CEU Educational Opportunities

Boral Roofing is committed to giving the architect community the knowledge and information they need about Boral Roofing products to make informed decisions about their projects. We are strong believers in the value of education and knowledge sharing, and have developed several avenues for architects to access this information while earning credit in both the "Sustainable Design" and the "Health, Safety and Human Welfare" categories.

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Why Specify Boral Roofing Products?


Boral manufactures the most environmentally responsible sloped roofing products on the market today. Boral offers a wide variety of LEED Point opportunities most other manufactures cannot match. From recycled content of up to 59% to a wide variety of CRRC Cool Roof rated colors, Boral leads the industry in sustainable roofing products.

Cradle to Cradle Gold

Boral domestically produced clay tile products are the only tiles in the world to receive the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Gold certification from MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry). Cradle to Cradle certification gives architects the confidence that Boral Roofing products and company policies are truly sustainable and that Boral is an active steward of our environment.

Consistent Quality and Build Reliability:

With over 30 years of leading the clay and concrete roof tile industry in the nation have proven Boral's track record is impeccable with regard to long-term aesthetic, durability, performance and stability. We carefully monitor the subtle variables in the composition of our products that affect every aspect of the finished tile to insure our customers receive the highest quality, consistently superior roof tiles available today.

A Wide and Varied Spectrum of Vibrant Colors:

Boral has one of the most complete product portfolios on the market today. Our styles include a variety of traditional barrel tile profiles as well as Slate and Shake flat profile tiles. Our natural color palettes are unsurpassed for their depth and vibrancy of color, and our clay tile products are warranted, they will not fade over time for 20 years.

Specification and LEED Support

LEED Support:

Boral has the largest, most experienced sales force of any roof tile manufacturer in the country. Boral is also proud to have several key staff members that are certified LEED AP's available to consult on any LEED or sustainable building project you might have.

Choice of Builders Across the USA:

Boral Roofing has earned the trust of more builders than any other tile manufacturer in the USA, making Boral Roofing the nation’s largest, most environmentally friendly roof tile manufacturer in the country.