Mission Reroof

Mission Reroof

In celebration of our nation’s hero’s, Boral and Cooper Roofing launched Mission Reroof, a contest for veterans or active military personnel living in Texas who needed to replace their old asphalt shingle roof. They were invited to enter for the chance to win a new concrete tile roof installed by Cooper Roofing, because America’s best deserve the best roof over their heads.

Gabriel Camerena

Winning Entry from Gabriel and Susan Camerena

Mission Reroof winner Gabriel Camerena poses with his uniform in front of his home with his new Boral Tile Roof installed by Cooper Roofing in Leander, Texas. Read the heartwarming winning entry below that was submitted by his wife Susan Camerena on behalf of her Army Veteran husband Gabriel: .

"I am writing this letter for my husband. He is a disabled veteran, served 7 plus years in the army, to include overseas being in the Iraq war (Operation Desert Storm). He recently underwent major back surgery and is still slowly recovering. About a week in a half ago a major wind storm went through the Austin area, the majority of our shingles on the north-side of the house are now gone. Insurance won't pay. We have a 2-story house. I do not want my husband on this roof and I know nothing about shingle repair. My husband has helped many veterans in the past, and used to work in the ER (he was a medic in the army). He enjoys helping others, and I really think it is his turn to receive help. Please consider this family of 5 when choosing the contest winner. Thank you for your consideration!" Susan.

Before and After Images of the Camerena Home

Cooper Roofing

Cooper Roofing and Solar

Cooper Roofing and Solar is a family owned and operated business specializing in Concrete Tile and other roofing installations. Cooper Roofing also provides repair services, reroof installations, custom home installation and is currently implementing Solar technology into it's roofing systems.

Prize Details

• The winner received a new concrete tile roof manufactured in the USA by Boral Roofing’s Katy, Texas facility and installed by Cooper Roofing.
• The winner also received Boral’s “Premium” Energy Efficient Roof System which includes Boral TileSeal® underlayment, Elevated Batten System®, Vented Eave Risers, and appropriate ridge venting product.
• The winner was notified by phone on March 12, 2013.