Register Your Boral Roof Tile Warranty

Boral Roofing offers the some of the industries most comprehensive Roof Tile warranties available on the market today. We also strive to make registration of your warranty easy for our customers through our on-line process. Follow the links below to register your new roofing warranty and to learn more about the outstanding protection Boral offers for our Roof Tile products.

Register Your Warranty Here

Follow this link to Boral Roofings online warranty registartion form for all Boral Clay and Concrete Roof Tile products sold and installed in North America.
> Boral Roof Tile Warranty Registration Form

Below you will find downloadable versions of all Boral Roofing Clay and Concrete Roof Tile warranties for North America. 

Boral Concrete Roof Tile Warranty and Maintenance

Download Boral Roofing's Concrete Tile Warranty and Maintenance instructions to insure your roof remains protected for the life of the warranty.
> Boral Concrete Roof Tile Warranty and Maintenance

Boral Clay Roof Tile Warranty

Download Boral Roofing's Clay Roof Tile warranty for projects purchased and installed in North America here. 
> Boral Clay Roof Tile Warranty
> Grade 1 Brochure Including Specific List of Grade 1 Products 

About Boral Roof Tile Warranties

Protect your investment of a new roof with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. To simplify your search for the best warranty, we've put ours under the microscope for your review.

One of the measures that you can use to determine what type of value you receive from your new roof is the duration of the manufacturer's product warranty. Some of the different product warranties offered in the roofing industry include Limited Lifetime, 50 Years, 40 Years, 30 Years, 25 Years, Accelerated, Prorated, and Non-prorated - to name several. The best way to determine which warranty is right for you is to compare the warranties side by side and consider which elements cover your needs best.

Some of the elements and key phrases you should look for when researching warranties include:

What is a "Fully Transferable" product warranty? "Fully transferable" means that the warranty can be transferred an unlimited amount of times and thus provides the same value when you sell your property to the next owner, and the next owner sells it to the next buyer, and so on.

What is a "Non-prorated" product warranty? Many warranties on the market are prorated in an accelerated manner. This means that the manufacturer will cover less and less of the product replacement costs as time goes on. Usually, more of the coverage is taken away during the early years of the product warranty. Non-prorated warranties provide full product replacement value to the very end of the product warranty, not just "pennies on the dollar" after a few years.

What are some of the limitations of product warranties? It is important to understand the limits of product warranties. Usually, product warranties cover replacing product, but normally do not cover the labor to replace the product. With many products, the cost to replace one defective product in the middle of the roof requires that a much larger section of the roof is exposed. These costs are not covered by most product warranties.

If your product warranty requires preventative maintenance, know what is required to keep your product warranty in effect and how much it will add to the annual cost of the roof. Some roofing materials require extensive maintenance depending on the climate, others require very little.

All reputable manufacturers will have a printed product warranty statement. Warranties are legal documents that extend to you the protection of your investment. So, it is important to ask the questions before you buy the product. If the manufacturer is proud of their product warranty, they will gladly provide you a warranty to review and answer any questions you might have.