Camel Flash® Universal Flashing


Weather Resistant

One layer of coated aluminum compound with a full butyl adhesive backing makes Camel Flash® a tough, yet flexible flashing material resistant to UV, rain and snow.  Camel Flash® is resistant to high temperatures, heavy rain and high winds. 

Easy Installation Anywhere

Extremely flexible and stretches in one direction.  No prefabrication or welding.  No adhesives, mortar or mastic needed.  Simply cut the material to the size needed, shape and install right on the roof. Camel Flash® is the lead-free solution to flash all critical areas of the roof.  Lead is the most common flashing material used still to this day. Any place lead is used on a tile roof, Camel Flash® works better and is safer.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) declared that “lead adversely affects numerous body systems and causes forms of health impairment and disease which arise after periods of exposure as short as days or as long as several years.”

  • Universal application on clay and concrete tiles
  • Self-bonding onto dry, dust and dirt free surfaces
  • Flexible and stretchable
  • Durable UV resistant finish
  • Water tight and high weather resistance
  • Easily painted to match tiles or trim
  • Fully self-adhered
  • 50% stretchability

Camel Flash® Literature

Below is Literature for Boral Roofing Components Camel Flash®: 

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