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Many Styles and Colors

Our homes are an expression of our true selves. They shelter not only our material possessions, but also memories of the good times we share with family, friends and neighbors. We invite you to explore Cultured Stone® veneers and the many ways these unique design elements can help transform your home into a tangible expression of your dreams.


Our Story

A Cultured History

Every story has a fundamental origin. Ours begins in the early 1960s in California with a pair of entrepeneurial siblings. Trained as plasterers, Garrett and Floyd Brown recognized the need for a new kind of building material— a stone veneer that not only mimicked the look of real stone, but actually improved upon it with a more consistent color, quality and weight.

We are masters.

Our masters excel at blending the very best of art and science, man and machine, form and function. Whether it's hand-shaping our world-class Cultured Stone® veneers, operating our equipment, or performing quality inspections, they make it all flow seamlessly.

The culture behind Cultured Stone®.

Balancing the personal with the professional, our colleagues deep respect and admiration for one another's craft is evident in the work they product together. The people who call Boral® home are very much a family— if not by direct relationship, then by a genuine shared camaraderie.

Since 2009, we have reduced landfill waste by 80 percent per ton of product produced
A leader for over fifty years we have produced over 750,000,000 sq ft of Cultured Stone® veneer
Cultured Stone®veneer products contain an average of 58% pre-consumer recycled content
From Chester to Napa. (And everywhere in between.)

From Chester to Napa.

(And everywhere in between).

While the heart of Cultured Stone® by Boral®’s operations can be found in Roswell, Georgia, the lungs that breathe life into our work can be found in our two plants. Strategic locations in Napa, California, and Chester, South Carolina, have allowed us to create one of the largest distribution footprints in the US and Canada and globally into Europe, Asia and Australia.


We strive to meet today’s building needs without compromising the future. Cultured Stone® veneers are designed to not only beautify spaces but also take care of our shared environment along the way. To that end, our closed-loop recycling system allows us to reuse water during manufacturing, which proves especially important in California’s drought-prone environment. Cultured Stone® products also contain an average of 58 percent pre-consumer recycled content. Since 2009, we have reduced landfill waste by 80 percent per ton of product produced.

Our commitment to thinking and building green has also led us to meet the indoor air quality standards of the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute and GREENGUARD Gold. In addition, Cultured Stone® veneer is a NGBS Green Certified Product.