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Boral Roofing expands Energy Star and Cool Roof rated colors

June 4, 2015

With a cool roof becoming part of a high performance home, Boral has expanded its line of Cool Roof rated colors and styles. 

Boral Roofing, the nation’s largest provider of sustainable clay and concrete roof tile systems, expanded its Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council listed Cool Roof Colors. 

The company now offers a complete listing of 50 Energy Star-certified colors and leads the industry with the most cool roof rated tile colors on the widely-recognized Cool Roof Rating Council, with more than 150 options. Boral Roofing Cool Roof Colors are available across multiple profiles to complement a spectrum of architectural styles. 

Boral Roofing’s Cool Roof Colors offer a number of benefits to homeowners. Cool roof products help contribute to lower utility bills, lower energy costs during peak periods, and cool roof rebates. 

According to Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), cool roofs can reduce 10% to 20% in air conditioning-related energy consumption for a typical home.  

Cool Roof Colors assist in reducing the high energy costs resulting from peak “time-ofmetering” demand periods by not absorbing as much heat from the sun as a darker, non-cool roof material. Additionally, Cool Roof Colors may qualify for regional Cool Roof Rebate Programs through local utilities or sustainability initiatives. 

“The benefits of Cool Roof Colors are compelling,” said Kayla Kratz, project manager for Boral Roofing. “With an expanded color listing on ENERGY STAR® and Cool Roof Rating Council, we believe more builders, remodelers and homeowners will find the solutions for increased energy savings.” 

Two qualities contribute to cool roof energy efficiency performance. First, cool colors reflect solar energy, minimizing the effect of the sun on the surface material. Second, the surface’s emissive properties help dissipate heat more effectively. 

According to the Cool Roof Rating Council, Boral Roofing Clay and Concrete Cool Roof Tiles reflect up to 75 percent of the sun’s solar energy. By comparison, asphalt shingles do not reflect more than 41 percent. Boral roof tile products outpace Cool Roof Rated asphalt shingles with a Solar Reflectance Index of up to 93, compared to asphalt at a maximum of 47. 

In selecting cool roofs, it is important to also consider the roofing material used. Tile roofing naturally has a higher thermal mass that can help delay heat flow through the building envelope by as much as 10 to 12 hours, producing a warmer house in the winter and a cooler house during the summer. 

Kratz said Boral Roofing Cool Roof Colors are covered under an exclusive and limited product warranty, offering peace-of-mind to homeowners in a long roof lifespan.